Naked eye 3D scheme

For indoor and outdoor communication scenes, provide one-stop professional customized large-screen + naked eye 3D video content. With many years of LED display technology precipitation, breakthrough first seamless surface patent display technology, innovation transmission carrier; Set up a professional video team, launch exclusive video source customization services, perfect presentation of shocking 3D images, improve the effectiveness of large-screen communication, and achieve Internet celebrities punching points. Crack the optimal proportion formula of the naked eye 3D screen, lock the excellent optical illusion Angle, the audience is truly immersive.

The naked eye 3D outdoor LED display mainly adopts the design of folding screen body, combined with 3D video materials, allowing viewers to enjoy real 3D images with naked eyes. It is installed outdoors, like traditional LED displays, usually on building facades, enticing passing potential customers to stop and be impressed by 3D brand stories or product details.

Naked eye 3D outdoor LED displays actually combine 3D digital display technology with traditional flexible leds and produce 3D images. The reason why people can enjoy naked eye 3D images or videos is that the naked eye 3D outdoor LED display displays images of different depths, causing the human eye to perceive the displayed 2D image as 3D image.

Compared with traditional LED screens, 3D LED screens have high requirements on both software and hardware configuration in order to present the best naked eye 3D display effect.

On the hardware side, traditional flat LED displays are difficult to render in 3D because the rendered image cannot pass through the optical structure into a person's left and right eyes to create parallax. Therefore, 3D LED displays require flexible LED displays that can be mounted at 90° angles or arcs. In addition, the naked eye 3D display technology pays more attention to the details of the image. For better display results, display hardware needs to achieve better contrast and high dynamic range of HDR, so outdoor LED screens for 3D display technology should have high brightness and high refresh rate.

Software, 3D outdoor advertising LED display should support high-definition, high color and deep video coding, and can adapt to a variety of video import and play software.

Consumers and brands are paying more attention to creative LED screens because they will be more commercially viable than traditional outdoor advertising screens in the future. 3D outdoor advertising displays present a more realistic and convincing 3D image than 2D because of its larger area, higher pixel density, and lack of edge physical elements that make the image look unreal. Therefore, the naked eye 3D outdoor LED display can bring your brand image and product display to life. In addition, 3D images give viewers a novel visual experience that 2D images do not, thus inspiring customers to spend more time exploring your brand and products.