Stadium scheme

Provide new audio-visual solutions for venues. Based on Dayuan intelligent LED light display products and centralized control system, it uses signal control, image processing, content display and other technical means, and combines video playback, live broadcast and interactive systems to realize the integrated management and control of stadium hopper screen, ring display screen, scoring screen, event production and broadcast system, intelligent lighting control system, and sound amplification system, with a high degree of digitalization and intelligence. Improve the quality of venue and event operation.


Introduce the information of the players, the game is live. The oversized, clear live footage of the game breaks the seat limit and makes it easier to watch the game from a distance. Connected with the referee system and the timing and scoring system, the LED screen can broadcast the game time and score in real time. Slow motion replay has become the basis for referees to make correct decisions, maintaining the fairness and justice of the game and reducing unnecessary conflicts. Wonderful scenes, slow motion replay, close-ups, bring the audience a perfect visual feast. Commercial commercials to the game scene icing on the cake, perfect picture quality and sound effect, so that the scene more game atmosphere and shock.