Anomalous creative scheme

Excavate the cultural connotation expressed by customers and fully follow the ideal and value pursued by customers as well as the realization of the ultimate goal. Professional design team, to provide customers with a variety of solutions, in the form of presentation and expression techniques are unique, culture and dream into it; On the basis of architecture or landscape, combined with the basic elements and symbols of architecture, to seek the best visual language, from the perspective of art and aesthetics, the abstract thought and culture of visual display through the way of new media technology, fully highlight the personality and cultural characteristics; The perfect visual expression of anomalous LED and the perfect integration of unique design and architecture will further beautify and enhance, realize the sublimation of value, and achieve the landmark of the city. Creative and magnificent LED display projects add to the prosperity of the city, enhance the image and influence of the city, shape the visual culture of the city, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the city, is bound to bring unlimited people and business opportunities.

LED profiled screen
Different from the regular LED display rectangular shape, LED shaped screen shape is different, beautiful and colorful. Ball, arc, Rubik's cube, triangle, fan and other high appearance level, used to show some very creative content.

Rubik's Cube LED creative screen
LED Rubik's cube usually consists of six LED faces combined into a cube, which can also be special-shaped and spliced into geometric shapes, realizing the perfect connection between the faces with minimum gaps. It can be viewed from any Angle around, getting rid of the perception of the traditional flat display screen. It is suitable for installation in the atrium of a bar, hotel or commercial real estate, which can give the audience a new visual experience.
Tunnel LED creative screen
The time tunnel screen is a time-travel experience project created with HD LED display, which is mostly used in major scenic spots, amusement parks, etc. Exquisite images combined with immersive video, using artistic techniques to create a variety of immersive visual experience, from the beautiful underwater world to the birds singing and flowers in spring, summer trees, autumn fall colorful, winter snow-covered, the four seasons change in front of the eyes, give visitors immersive visual enjoyment!
Sky screen LED creative screen
Installed in the relatively confined space above the dome screen, majestic atmosphere, radiant, play a rendering, decoration, lighting effect. Generally suitable for high-end star hotel lobby, immersive romantic wedding theme, large shopping centers, large stage, exhibition hall and other large buildings on the ceiling, large area, light weight, different shapes, become the audience "eye" weapon!

Columnar LED creative screen
Mainly installed on the column, column and square column can be installed, breaking the conventional installation mode, between the surface and the surface to achieve seamless perfect connection! The most attractive thing about this screen is its unique shape, which gets rid of the sense of traditional flat display screen and gives people a new visual sense of three-dimensional!
Staircase LED creative screen
Staircase LED display is a kind of LED floor tile screen, is mainly used in the floor has a certain bearing and shock-proof function of personalized LED display products. Adopt durable aluminum alloy structure, high wear resistance of resin mask, so that it can be directly trampled on the ground; The modular design of quick disassembly makes installation and maintenance easy and easy.
Spherical LED creative screen
LED spherical screen 360° full visual Angle, all-round video playback, any Angle can feel good visual effects, no plane perspective problem. At the same time, it can also map the spherical objects such as the earth and football directly to the display screen according to the needs, which makes people feel vivid, and is widely used in museums, science and technology museums, exhibition halls.