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HDE series

Driven by technological innovation and based on information network, Dayuan provides services such as digital transformation, intelligent upgrading and integrated innovation for high-quality development needs. Dayuan has formed a business segment with digital display, digital culture and tourism, digital dance beauty and high-end COB display as the main body. Dayuan provides customized high-end products and solutions for global customers with innovative quality.

Product Description

Large yuan small spacing led- HD display, the picture is clear

positioning:★Indoor, bidding★

Product model: HDE series
Application environment: indoor stage rental, studio, advertising
Product brightness: 800~1200
Average power: < 360

HDE series indoor small spacing LED display, including HDE1.667mm, HDE1.875mm, HDE2.0mm, HDE2.5mm four point spacing LED display. As a high-definition LED display with small spacing, it is widely used in indoor stage LED display, studio LED display and other places.

Small pitch led product features:

1. High density, high contrast, high brightness (adjustable), high gray, high refresh;

2. Die cast aluminum design, lightweight and ultra-thin, high precision

3. Seamless stitching of any size

4. Wide Angle of view, real and natural color, no stitching, no color difference

5. No noise, low power consumption, low EMI, high life

6. Point by point brightness and chroma correction

Dayuan HDE small pitch LED display has the characteristics of high refresh, high gray level, high brightness utilization, no residual shadow, low power consumption, low EMI, indoor application is not reflective, and the display contrast is up to 5000:1; It is lightweight, ultra-thin, high precision, small transportation and use space, quiet and efficient heat dissipation.

This series of products has a wider gamut space and faster response speed than the general display screen, can achieve any size seamless stitching, modular maintenance. It plays the whole picture of uniform color, high-definition realistic, no ordinary display screen common sweat spots, bright lines and other abnormal display, screen switch soft no flicker, picture quality is very delicate, straight to the TV playback effect. HDE series products in addition to the breakthrough in the field of low brightness and high ash technology, the products also maintain Dayuan's consistent adherence to high quality: The display has a refresh rate of 3,840 Hz, which not only exceeds the refresh rate of DLP and LCD screens (the latter of which only have a refresh rate of around 120Hz), but is also a symbol of high quality in its category. The contrast ratio of 5000:1 can present excellent blackness in the black screen state, which is the best of similar products.

Scope of application:

Dispatching command center: power dispatching, railway dispatching, water conservancy, etc

Control and command center: public security command, traffic command, military exercise command, etc

Monitoring and security center: communication service monitoring, airport monitoring, highway, etc

Conference video center: conference room, conference center, network video conference, etc

Information center: weather information broadcast, medical information release, etc

Demonstration center: exhibition hall, educational demonstration center, etc

Studio: cinema, TV studio, etc

Dayuan HDE Series Small pitch led display parameters:

Product model HDE1.6 HDE1.8 HDE2.0 HDE2.5
Module size 240mm*240mm 240mm*240mm 240mm*240mm 240mm*240mm
Physical point spacing 1.667mm 1.875mm 2.0mm 2.5mm
Physical density 360000Point /m2 284444Point /m2 250000Point /m2 160000Point /m2
Luminescent color 1R1G1B
LED package SMD 1010 SMD 2121
Module resolution 144dots(W)*144dots(H) 128dots(W)*128 dots(H) 120dots(W)*120dots(H) 96dots(W)*96 dots(H)
Module weight 0.6KG
Drive type Constant current drive
Scanning mode 1/32扫
White balance brightness ≥800cd/㎡ ≥1000cd/㎡ ≥1200cd/㎡
LED housing
Box size (W x H) 480mm×480mm
Box material Die-cast aluminum
Maintenance mode pre-maintenance
Power supply mode 5V/40A
Box resolution 288*288 256*256 240*240 192 * 192
Best perspective 160°(W) 160°(H)
Relative humidity 10%-75% 10%-95%
Operating voltage AC220V±10%
Average power consumption <360W/㎡ <260W/㎡ <220W/㎡ <210W/㎡
Maximum power consumption <900W/㎡ <800W/㎡ <640W/㎡ <600W/㎡
Refresh rate >3840HZ >1920HZ >3840HZ >2880HZ
Contrast ratio 5000:01:00
Grayscale/color 65536level
Mean time to failure >10000hours
Display mode ≥1024*768
Operating ambient temperature storage:-35℃ ~ +85℃, working:-20℃ ~ +50℃