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led interactive floor tile screen

Driven by technological innovation and based on information network, Dayuan provides services such as digital transformation, intelligent upgrading and integrated innovation for high-quality development needs. Dayuan has formed a business segment with digital display, digital culture and tourism, digital dance beauty and high-end COB display as the main body. Dayuan provides customized high-end products and solutions for global customers with innovative quality.

Product Description

Dayuan Intelligent - LED interactive floor tile screen is based on the conventional floor tile screen, independently developed a built-in induction system, which increases the interesting function of induction interaction. The LED interactive floor tile screen is integrated with intelligent induction chip and other devices. When people walk on the floor tile screen, the sensor chip can sense the position of people and send trigger information back to the main control board. Then the main control console will output corresponding display screen after logical judgment, which can follow the movement of human body to present immediate picture effect, so as to realize interactive vision, touch, hearing... All the wild ideas and imagination. Abstract world, magic ocean, magic lawn, forest, dynamic sea world, dynamic ground, and virtual beach, feel the aesthetic and optical effects. Novelty, stimulation and cool arouse strong resonance in the visual, sensory and experiential levels of tourists, enhance the sense of inclusion and active participation of tourists, and create a high-level all-round interactive experience for tourists. Shuttling through it is like opening a unique interactive magical journey.

Module detail

◆ The module adopts imported high permeability alkaline PC material, CNC one-time molding, surface sparkline, private mold patent design, truly seamless stitching, high accuracy.

The ink color on the front of the module is consistent, and there is no color difference when viewed from any Angle.

◆ Advanced glue filling technology, with waterproof rubber ring, perfect waterproof and dust-proof, used in indoor and outdoor.

◆ Professional anti-sharp, anti-scratch mask design, can make the floor tile screen get a long time use guarantee.

◆ Anti uv property, even after many years of sunlight irradiation, still can maintain the primary color.

Product advantage

Induced velocity

◆ Dayuan Intelligent - LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen, induction sensitivity 0.016 seconds, instant contact induction, speed collar

The first advantage to further expand the market, to achieve the maximum value of the product itself craftsmanship -Technology

◆ LED interactive floor tile screen, all connectors all gold plating process, can effectively improve the conductivity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, effectively extend the service life of the product

R&d and production

◆ Dayuan Intelligent is the first to develop and produce the built-in interactive induction LED floor tile screen in the industry. At present, there are seven new models: P1.83, P2.5, P2.976, P3.91, P4.81, P5.2, P6.25, which have passed the inspection and certification of a number of authoritative institutions, and are large-scale and standardized products


◆ A professional team with more than 11 years of experience in R & D, production and sales of LED industry, can accurately grasp the market and product design requirements, provide accurate market solutions, but also according to the actual needs of customers, reasonable planning and design, as far as possible to help customers achieve the maximum value