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Creative LED Display -LED Transparent Screen (arc)

Driven by technological innovation and based on information network, Dayuan provides services such as digital transformation, intelligent upgrading and integrated innovation for high-quality development needs. Dayuan has formed a business segment with digital display, digital culture and tourism, digital dance beauty and high-end COB display as the main body. Dayuan provides customized high-end products and solutions for global customers with innovative quality.

Product Description

Product model: DVS series

Application environment: Mainly used in window, sightseeing elevator, exhibition, TV station, glass curtain wall and other occasions

Product brightness: 500~3500 nits

Average power: 160

led transparent display - high transparent creative display, curved box

positioning:★Arc preference★

[Dayyuan] Creative led display -led transparent display has several series, regular, shaped, arc, advertising machine, each series includes several models. There are 2.8*5.6mm, 3.91*7.8mm, 5.4*10.4mm, 7.8*7.8mm, 10.4*10.4mm, 15.625*15.625mm.

Creative led display -led transparent display is often used in window, sightseeing elevator, exhibition, TV station, glass curtain wall and other occasions

led transparent display (arc) features analysis:

Flexible frame design supports flexural installation and provides a variety of display possibilities

Multiple brightness options (800 to 3,500nits)

New circuit design, avoid overheating, improve refresh rate

Support customization. Adopt silent power supply, away from noise trouble

Modular design, easy assembly, installation and maintenance

The kits can be replaced separately to reduce maintenance costs

Remote cluster control, using our intelligent management platform, users can easily control multiple displays simultaneously

led transparent display (arc) parameters

Product model DVS2 DVS3 DVS5 DVS7 DVS10 DVS15
Pixel spacing 2.8*5.6mm 3.91*7.8mm 5.4*10.4mm 7.8*7.8mm 10.4*10.4mm 15.625*15.625mm
Pixel density 61952dot/m2 32768dot/m2 18432dot/m2 16384dot/m2 9216dot/m2 4096dot/m2
Module resolution 176*22dots 128*16dots 96*12dots 64*16dots 48*12dots 32*8dots
Box resolution 352*88dots 256*64dots 192*48dots 128*64dots 96*48dots 64*32dots
Transparency >70% >80%
Screen brightness 500~3500 nits
Pixel composition 3 IN 1 SMD
Module size 500*125mm
Box specification 1000*500mm
Box weight < 4KG
Refresh frequency ≥1920Hz
Maximum power 400W/m2
Average power consumption 160W/m2
Visual Angle 160°/160°
Power supply requirement 380V±10% ; AC 50Hz
Operating temperature -40℃ ~ 45℃
Protection class ≥IP22
Scanning mode ≤ 16sweep
Qualification certification EMC,LVD,FC,RoHS