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UHR Series P2 indoor full color display

Driven by technological innovation and based on information network, Dayuan provides services such as digital transformation, intelligent upgrading and integrated innovation for high-quality development needs. Dayuan has formed a business segment with digital display, digital culture and tourism, digital dance beauty and high-end COB display as the main body. Dayuan provides customized high-end products and solutions for global customers with innovative quality.

Product Description

Product model: P2

Application environment: meeting room, exhibition hall

Product brightness: ≥800

Average power: 280

Product features:

1, SMD three-in-one technology, so that the screen in use with super wide Angle of view and better surface smoothness and stability

2, RGB deep gray processing, rich color, high-definition exquisite picture quality

3, support point by point correction function, to ensure the consistency of color and brightness during use

4, full waterproof can be naked, greatly reduce the cost of steel structure and packaging

5, integrated carding type cooling module, less plug-in, stable and reliable

6, accurate, fast, flexible positioning installation, can effectively cope with different installation environment

7, the screen body internal fixed reinforcement plate, tensile shock-proof, self-cooling, as long as ten years of life

8. Large-scale production, mature technology, high quality raw materials, stable and reliable quality

9. Professional aviation plug is selected for connector, quality and safety are guaranteed

10, complete series, can be tailored to meet the different needs of customers

Application: Suitable for bars, theaters, multifunctional exhibition halls, coffee shops, hotels, stage performances, concert halls, commercial buildings, airports, stations, large shopping malls and other places

Product characteristics

Low power consumption 30% energy saving than traditional display products;

High contrast up to 5000:1;

Hd ultra-small spacing, high pixel density, resolution can reach more than 1080P;

High gray level gray processing depth up to 16bit;

High refresh rate and refresh frequency above 3200Hz;

Wide Angle of view up to 160°;

Seamless stitching CNC fine scientific digital processing, error is less than 0.1MM, truly no stitching;

Brightness Adjustable The brightness ranges from 200 to 1500Lm to meet the requirements of various environments.

P2 Indoor full-color watch sticker LED display parameters:

Pixel spacing 2mm
Pixel composition SMD1515(National Star)
Pixel density 250000dot/m2
Module size 256*128mm
Module resolution 128*64dot
Scanning mode 32s/16s
Brightness level ≥1200CD/m2
Visual Angle 120°
Viewing distance >2m
Gray level 16bit
Color type 16.7M
Maximum power 800W/m2
Average power 280W/m2
Refresh rate ≥3840Hz
Use environment INTDOOR
Brightness regulation 0 - 100 Ievels adiustable
Control mode Synchronous display with control PC by DVI
Supports signal input types Composite,S-Vido,VGA,DVI,HDMI,HD_SDI
Input power supply AC100/240V    50/60HZ
Operating temperature - 20℃  ~  +50℃
Working humidity 10 ~ 90%RH
Working life 100,000hours